The Ultimate Must Have 8 High Heels For All Women

a pair of gold high heels

Kittycat Heels We recently wrote about womens kitty cat heels and like the style for the convenience/ fashion mix. They’re fantastic for parties or work occasions where you don’t require the additional height, however, will be on your feet for a while. Pumps Also called simply high heels, pumps are normally wider and between 2…Read moreRead more

Simulation Tool to Make Non-Woven Materials

woman in black and white dress

Non-woven materials are essential to daily life. A Fraunhofer Institute has established a software application that makes the production of non-woven items far more effective and versatile. With the tool FIDYST, it has been possible for the very first time to replicate the motion of fibers in rough air currents. A true innovation– and the…Read moreRead more