December 2020

Coloured Contacts For Your New Look

Coloured Contact Lenses

Eyes are the windows of the soul. So why not show off your beautiful soul with coloured contact lenses this season!

For people who love to make changes in their look, colour contact lenses can be said to be a quick-acting artifact that can instantly refresh the whole person! Small eyes can use it to enlarge pupils, big eyes can use it to change pupil colour, But whether you are an old driver in the invisible world or a little white in the colour lens.

Although the area of ​​the eyes is not large, its role is not small, the whole person’s mental outlook is reflected by the eyes, and the colour of the eyes can also determine the style and route you want to follow!

On some relatively important occasions, you usually don’t think you should choose some colour that is more exciting and special. At this time, you can use the same shade of eyeshadow and eyeliner as the colour film, for example, blue colour film with blue eyeliner with the gradation of blue eyeshadow, through the colour film to create more charming eyes. For any charming look with contact lenses, you must wear them correctly according to optometry guidelines otherwise your eyes could look red.

Contact lenses optometry

How To Choose The Perfect Coloured Contacts For Your Eyes? 

The face of a mixed-race must have super three-dimensional features, almost the same as the facial features of Europeans and Americans. The biggest difference may be the colour of the eyes. Mixed races between Orientals and Westerners generally have darker eyes, even if they are slightly lighter. It can only be brown, not blue, green, or grey like the whites.

The second value is the diameter; the common value is between 13.4-14.4mm, you can choose according to your eye size and the colour effect you want, but be careful, don’t be greedy to choose too large a diameter, which may cause discomfort the probability is higher.

If it is a light pink colour film, you can use a light brown base and then use reddish-brown to deepen the eye folds, then use a pearly dry rose-red in the centre of the eyelids to increase the bright spots of the pink on the eyes, and finally use a pearly colour in the middle of the lower eyelid, add eyeliner and mascara, and add points to the peachy eyes!

There will be unexpected beautiful results and it will enhance your overall look! The purple colour contact lenses are eye-catching. At this time, in the choice of eye shadow colour, just use two-colour eye shadow to present the overall feeling. For example, first, use brown as a primer on the eye folds, and then use a burgundy brownish colour to enhance the depth of the eyes, and a little playful.

Therefore, although the colour film is small, the effect is great! If you want to change your dress style from time to time, start with the style of the coloured contact lenses! Anyone with a variety of fresh and trendy looks is always eye-catching. Maybe try hazel contact lenses tomorrow if you have blue eyes. If you want a natural beauty effect, it is recommended to choose a lens with a diameter of 13.6-14.00mm. If you want an exaggerated big eye effect, you can choose a lens with a diameter of more than 14mm.

In addition to the effect of enlarging the eyes, cosmetic contact lenses have a certain effect on fairing the complexion of the face. Although cosmetic contact lenses occupy a small area, they still have a cosmetic effect that cannot be ignored.

If you find it difficult to achieve this, fashion experts recommend that you choose black or brown colour contact lenses. This kind of colour lens does not pursue dazzling beauty effects, but it is the most practical colour film style. Let your eyes be as clear as water, full of transparent texture, it looks really exciting!