Coloured Contacts For Your New Look

Coloured Contact Lenses

Eyes are the windows of the soul. So why not show off your beautiful soul with coloured contact lenses this season! For people who love to make changes in their look, colour contact lenses can be said to be a quick-acting artifact that can instantly refresh the whole person! Small eyes can use it to…Read moreRead more

Enhancing facial expressions with Contact Lenses

Black and white woman

There are many reasons why people make use of coloured contact lenses. Some use them for therapeutic purposes, but some others make use of them for fashion or cosmetic purposes. If you belong to the latter group, then you are going to find this piece useful and helpful to you. To use coloured contact lenses…Read moreRead more

How common is capsular contracture after breast augmentation?

breast augmentation

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how skilled the surgeon is, complications can occur in all sorts of procedures. Everyone’s body is different and will react to surgery differently. When it comes to breast augmentation, the connective tissue composition will vary from patient to patient. Even the healing process is entirely different for each patient. Some people…Read moreRead more

Celebrities with Butt Implants

bikini butt

Butt implants are as common as breast implants and augmentation surgery these days – because people are willing to go the extra mile for beauty. However, it is my observation that celebrities deny or conceal that they have undergone butt implant surgery. It may be surprising, but it is a fact. Why would celebrities deny…Read moreRead more

Pop Culture and the Sneaker Industry

sneakers and pop culture

The ideas, attitudes, beliefs or norms that create a culture are an aspect of convention practised by the majority. It appears our world – a large borderless global village – has made certain cultural things extremely common. As this global culture continued to grow, we needed to qualify it with an adjective that in itself…Read moreRead more

How to Design eye-catching Sportswear

basketball on floor

In the design industry, what people buy is determined by what is pleasing to the eyes. People like going for products that have high aesthetic value.  A product may be of top-class quality in terms of the materials used in the production. But if the end-product does not look attractive customers are less likely to…Read moreRead more

The Most Fashionable Nail Artists Today

nail art

Most women will agree that having a beautiful manicure and nice nails are a great way to increase your confidence. I’ve been going to the same blow wave bar for years and I get my fancy gel nails done there too. Last time I was at the beauty bar, I saw this woman that had…Read moreRead more

Design Your Office to Increase Productivity

Design Your Office to Increase Productivity

Are you searching for a few workspace design ideas that improve the business? To increase productivity at work, you’ll need a comfortable space and a low-noise environment. During long hours of work, workers need mental alertness and energy to keep them in high spirits. The interior design of the office will make employees enjoy more functional…Read moreRead more

How To Find The Best Holiday Bargains Online

looking for luxury accommodation in Tasmania

When it comes to finding bargains online, the secret trick to succeeding lies in thorough research. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation in Tasmania or a new footy – you have to search the web for the best offers. Recently, I booked a trip to one of the best hotels in Tasmania, and I…Read moreRead more

Shopping for fillers and injectables? Do your homework first!

If you are thinking about at least one of these remedies, what do you have to know before you even set foot in a cosmetic surgeon or physician’s office? Fillers As opposed to merely smoothing or tightening skin, an injectable dermal filler intends to alter the facial profile into a youthful one. The injection of…Read moreRead more

The Hottest Fashion Trends For Men in 2018

men laughing fashion

Men’s fashion is becoming more and more diverse, leaving you with plenty of options in how you style your appearance. Depending upon if you’re interested in suits, sneakers, denim, active wear, skate wear, and so forth. There are lots of new trends emerging as we come into the latter half of 2018! Regardless of what…Read moreRead more

9 Reasons Why Eco Fashion Businesses Lose

Since 2010, I’ve had the chance of meeting, befriending, working and cooperating with numerous emerging fashion designers, entrepreneurs, trend companies and businesses from all around the world. They have begun their own moral labels, e-commerce shops, online marketplaces, and programs. I’ve seen these enthusiastic people burst on to the scene with fantastic small business ideas,…Read moreRead more

Cloud Computing Solutions in Retail

cloud computing

Many businesses are seeing benefits from cloud computing, but it stands to make a massive effect in retail. Here is how. Those from retail industries as well as other little companies are seeing a huge possibility with cloud technology and many are now using it to their advantage. ASOS, a British online fashion retailer, uses…Read moreRead more

How to Create a Luxury Boutique Clothing Store

Ever dreamt of starting a tiny boutique at an ultra stylish section of town? You would not be the very first. Fashionistas are especially attracted to the thought, hence the large number of clothes boutiques. While quite rewarding, starting a clothing boutique takes a great deal of preparation and hard work, which means you need…Read moreRead more

Latest Interior Design Fashion Trends 2018

interior design

As 2017 comes to a close, so are interior design fashion trends. Although the new trends only sprout in the market during Spring, most of them make their presence known to designers and homeowners alike as early as February. This year has made way for vibrant colors, wood and metal furniture that help warm up…Read moreRead more

Blurring the Lines Between Fashion and Art

black and white clothing

Fashion designer Rei Kawakubo insists that she isn’t an artist, although her brand is featured in one of the exhibition installations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) located in the heart of New York City. The ideas behind the Comme des Garcons style doesn’t have to do with art or the thinking behind the…Read moreRead more

Wood is the New Fashion Trend


We’re presently in the last stretch of Ramadan, and have about a week of delegated benefit from the different suhoor camping tents around the UAE. When selecting exactly what clothing to use for these nights out, I urge you to go beyond the common Dubai meaning of glamour. Ditch make-up-caked faces, stilettos and sparkly Swarovski…Read moreRead more

How to Dress Like a Hipster


Hipsters – the modern equivalent to the ‘Beatniks’ from the 1950s. Understood for their rejection of mainstream culture and somewhat alternative clothing options Hipster’s gradually ended up being a more popular subculture, despite their desire for self-reliance and desire for individuality. So, if you think you’re a hipster and want to dress the part, or…Read moreRead more

Dropping Modern Style Trends for Comfort

woman staring out the window

Fashion is ever-changing, what was once cool can be “so last season” in the blink of an eye. We live in a society where clothing with holes in them is costly, considered high fashion in some locations and raggedy in others. At this point in time, rappers are attempting their best to look like rock…Read moreRead more

The Ultimate Must Have 8 High Heels For All Women

a pair of gold high heels

Kittycat Heels We recently wrote about womens kitty cat heels and like the style for the convenience/ fashion mix. They’re fantastic for parties or work occasions where you don’t require the additional height, however, will be on your feet for a while. Pumps Also called simply high heels, pumps are normally wider and between 2…Read moreRead more

Simulation Tool to Make Non-Woven Materials

woman in black and white dress

Non-woven materials are essential to daily life. A Fraunhofer Institute has established a software application that makes the production of non-woven items far more effective and versatile. With the tool FIDYST, it has been possible for the very first time to replicate the motion of fibers in rough air currents. A true innovation– and the…Read moreRead more

Natural Silk and its Use in Designer Fabrics

There are many legends around the world relating to the origin of silk creation. Silk is a completely natural fiber and still the most adored and much sought after material. Silk fabric is an instant talking point and much admired by women and men equally. Many of the new designer fabric creations use silk in…Read moreRead more