Cloud Computing Solutions in Retail

cloud computing
Many businesses are seeing benefits from cloud computing, but it stands to make a massive effect in retail. Here is how.

Those from retail industries as well as other little companies are seeing a huge possibility with cloud technology and many are now using it to their advantage. ASOS, a British online fashion retailer, uses cloud technology to expand its services in international markets. Other companies like Specsavers and Amazon also used cloud services in a similar manner.

1. Interacting With Consumers Becomes Simpler

Envision a life when you’re out shopping and you also don’t need to go in the dressing rooms to check whether the clothes suit you, because the clerk has a portable device that confirms if the dimensions and style of the clothing are right for you. In any kind of business, customers will always be searching for companies that offer a smooth shopping experience. Bearing that in mind, those who are looking to be in the forefront of providing a great experience to its customers, the flexibility of IT support solutions can be used to satisfy clients, enhance the general business process and save the company plenty of cash.

2. Cloud Aids in the Supply Chain Process

A top manufacturer of food products in the U.S. improved its supply chain operating platform with the assistance of cloud-based technology services. Retailers should identify the supply chain as a crucial region of focus since it has a major role in delivering a positive experience to the consumer. For example, CollaborateCloud collects and captures marketing data, and efficiently organizes logistic data to ensure smooth business operations.

3. Developing Products in the Cloud is Economical

With inexpensive development tools needed in implementing cloud technologies, retailers can use it to reduce spending. Pete Marsden, Chief Information Officer of Asos, said the company does not need to keep purchasing new gear due to the usage of cloud technologies. Moving to cloud technology also enables retailers to spend less on server upkeep. Retailers often don’t have large budgets, especially small independent businesses, cloud computing is a cost-effective solution that allows them to invest in other areas.

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Most retailers are constantly coping with big data, hence why cloud technologies are a convenient addition to their day to day operations. According to Marsden, Asos creates huge volumes of data and information for a business of its size and has procedures in place to measure it. It is getting to the point where it will begin measuring data volumes in petabytes. The internal IT staff is using large data tools like Hadoop to deal with that information and

extract the analysis ASOS needs, like what products are selling well and what customers are looking for.

4. Communication Between Departments Becomes Easier

Achieving success in retail becomes less complicated and more achievable with the help of cloud established technology. Logistics is a vital part of any retailer, particularly retail, and cloud-based technologies give retailers access to successful inventory management solutions.

Cloud technology has been valuable to the majority of technology firms and has recently gained traction in smaller companies seeking to scale, especially the retail sector. Small companies (especially those in the retail sector) are seeing expansion from incorporating and gradually shifting to the cloud technology, and it’s only a matter of time when other businesses will follow suit.