How to Design eye-catching Sportswear

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In the design industry, what people buy is determined by what is pleasing to the eyes. People like going for products that have high aesthetic value. 

A product may be of top-class quality in terms of the materials used in the production. But if the end-product does not look attractive customers are less likely to buy it. 

The same applies when dealing with sportswear for you to make sales your designs must be eye-catching. When designing sportswear, there are several factors that you must put into consideration. Failure to do so may end up with designs that have no potential of attracting buyers. This article highlights a few techniques on how to design eye-catching sportswear.

Always use Brand Logos


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If you are keen, you might have noticed that all significant sportswear companies have brand logos with which they can be identified. In most cases, the logo is what sells, and this is only possible after you have created your brand. Ones the brand has been marketed you can come up with your custom-designed logo that defines the brand you are selling. The logo can then be imprinted on the sportswear to make it more attractive and marketable.

Alternatively, if you are creating your own branded logo but have little to no experience in logo design, find a professional who can do it for you.

Play with Colors

Attractive sportswear should have the right blend of colours. This requires that you have some basic knowledge about the colours that are commonly associated with individual sports. The best way to do this is by carrying out extensive research on current colour trends. Some sportswear such as football jerseys may have specific colours depending on the team. Care should also be taken when applying colours as too much of it may bring out unpleasant results.

Be Artistic

Art is very flexible and can easily be incorporated into so many things, including the designs used in sportswear. If applied the right way, artistic designs can give sportswear a decorative touch that can help in baiting potential buyers. The most commonly used art technique is the application of calligraphy when printing various contents. This makes the material to appear less dull and is more likely to get the attention of people. It is important to note that when using calligraphy, the design should not be too complicated for buyers to read.

Know the Sport

This is probably the first thing that should be considered before designing any sportswear. There is an excellent diversity in the field of sports, and each sportswear has its unique design. To know which design to use, you must be familiar with the sport. For example, baseball jerseys may not have the same design as football jerseys. This means that the design must be particular to the type of sport it is related to.

Use Visual Images

Research has shown that people respond more to visual images than words. A good number of sportswear companies are putting this technique into good use by using images that appeal to people’s emotions. The images can be of the equipment that is associated with the sport. This will give the person buying the sportswear an assurance that they are purchasing the right sports gear.

Focus on Texture

The texture of the sportswear also plays a significant role in determining its likelihood to attract people. Several sportswear manufacturers use a mesh texture which makes their products comfortable and breathable. This may include using polyester and nylon fibres that are stretchable. The texture will make the buyer have the feeling that the sportswear they are buying will keep them physically active for longer durations.