How to Dress Like a Hipster


Hipsters – the modern equivalent to the ‘Beatniks’ from the 1950s. Understood for their rejection of mainstream culture and somewhat alternative clothing options Hipster’s gradually ended up being a more popular subculture, despite their desire for self-reliance and desire for individuality.

So, if you think you’re a hipster and want to dress the part, or have an party to go to and wish to impress your colleagues by coming ‘as yourself’ keep reading, or even just want to fit in at a hipster all day breakfast cafe in the inner Melbourne suburbs, below are some suggestions on how to dress like a Hipster.

Think vintage

Believe in the old, think about your grandparent’s wardrobe. Specifically if they haven’t bought anything new in a few decades and it’s all still in good-nick, this is the kind of stuff you need to be wearing. Do not simply stop at their clothing though, get their hats, scarves and gloves too– mix with modern-day pieces like skinny jeans and army boot.

The traditional vintage hat is of course the Trilby, if you can’t beg, steal and obtain nab this Poizon Industries Street Hat by The Witch and the Wardrobe and keep your face secured from the sun.

Slim denims

Tight distressed denims are the trademark of the hipster. They emphasize the slimness that is their personification of avoiding the social standard of consuming food that takes valuable time away from their quest to discover the ultimate indie music band, which of course didn’t happen unless they post a photo with a moody filter on Instagram; it’s all about the digital strategy. (Please keep in mind, hipsters do eat– do not stop consuming food to be a hipster).

Team it up with a charming tee, sleeveless vest and oversized glasses, the perfect summer season hipster outfit.

‘Traditional’ sneakers

Have some Converse or Doc Martins in the back of your closet gathering dust? Fantastic! Dust them off and let them see the light of day once again, these are crucial hipster accessories.

Thick-rimmed glasses

Need glasses? Use this to your advantage; jump up and down on your current set and get a new couple with thick rims. If you don’t need glasses, purchase a sunglass equivalent, or source a set without glass, you’ll fit right in at those Hawthorn lunch cafes.

Ironic clothes

Due to the fact that it can in some cases be difficult to find classic vintage clothes, Hipsters prefer to mix it up, so do not hesitate to use contemporary clothing. You can still be a hipster, it’s ok. The key is to use it ironically– and you can take this as you like. A traditional is a hoodie over plaid t-shirts or a sports jacket over a print t-shirt.


Believe in statement jewellery, however ‘not in your face’. Long necklaces, preferable with layered chains and a stand out pendant. Cute earrings, which can be dangly and subtle facial piercings, like nose studs or a slim eyebrow ring. This option is good for both males and females, though the majority of hipster males don’t have the tendency to get facial piercings.

‘Traditional’ devices

Get back into those lunchboxes and granny knit scarves, warm fingerless gloves, and a floppy hat. They ought to be practical as well as look cool. Not like the fishnet gloves that punk and Goths use, gloves and scarves are just worn when cold. It’s about functionality, not making a statement (though it’s ok if you do).

Don’t keep your lunchbox in your bag, this needs to have the ability to be seen, and if you work at a desk doing something like content writing, put it somewhere noticeable so the whole workplace can see it, and in a cool, content writing job, your colleagues will be up with the trends and be sure to appreciate it.

Tech gadgetry

While hipsters want to eschew consumerism, they do still like their tech, so they will likely have the latest phone and laptop innovation, all the while regretting the loss of the typewriter as a legitimate typing instrument.

‘Messenger Bags’

Hipsters need something to bring all their bits and pieces in, just like everyone else. The bag of to go for is a courier/messenger/satchel design bag, ideally vintage and leather, but anything you like is cool. If it has separate compartments for your laptop/iPhone/etc even better, just sling it over your shoulder and you are ready to go.

Being a hipster is more about a mindset than exactly what you wear, though the clothes and crucial style pieces from will most certainly help your cause. If you ever require more motivation think indie, art, alternative, innovative, sub-culture, bohemian and androgynous and you are sure to find something suitably hipster.