The Hottest Fashion Trends For Men in 2018

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Men’s fashion is becoming more and more diverse, leaving you with plenty of options in how you style your appearance. Depending upon if you’re interested in suits, sneakers, denim, active wear, skate wear, and so forth. There are lots of new trends emerging as we come into the latter half of 2018!

Regardless of what your unique tastes are, we have assembled a listing of men’s clothing and accessories and how to become your own icon.

1. Suits

Suits will never die. Our phase of wearing solid black and navy suits has been opening up more, with checks and stripes making a grand return. To keep up with male trends, suits are worn with shoes that match the belt, and sometimes with tees now. The colour of the suits has expanded into light browns and even pale pinks and blue.

Men’s suits are just another trend that’s making a significant comeback on the men’s fashion runways. Suits are now worn in un-corporate settings, widening the market and avenues in which you can purchase one. Wearing a basic tee tucked in, gives you a smart casual look, without appearing overly formal.

2. Shirts

Daring patterns have been an upwards trend, as seen in Paris and Milan fashion shows. This applies to tops, pants, coats, suits and everything else really. This emanates vibrancy and personality. 

3. Jackets

Time to put your glossy macs because, in spring 2018, it is going to be about jackets, coats, shearling embellishments, distressing, pockets, and daring materials. This leaves you with the choice of looking classy or choosing a distressed casual appearance.

4. Trousers

Loosely tailored pants were popular in Paris and Milan; it seems Like they came back with a vengeance this 2018. Over the last few years, we’ve gradually been drifting away from skinny fit pants and becoming more open to looser fitting cuts. This newfound confidence is being matched with stripes and checks, and often is often ankle cut or rolled up.

5. Wallets

There are only two types of wallets; a good wallet, and a bad wallet! Avoid velcro wallets at all costs, they’re cheap, awful, and don’t protect your cards like durable leather wallets do. Consider investing in a quality leather wallet or check card-holder. If you prefer a conventional fold, trifold, card cases, coin pockets, cash clips, it will certainly fit snuggly in your pockets provide its length and width is not excessive. As a bonus, there are wallets even wallets with RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from scammers

6. Footwear

There was an intriguing turn-around in this fashion; the increased demand for high-end sneakers. An example of this is Yeezy’s, with people willing to pay over $500 AUD. Most sneaker brands are pushing their boutique ranges into high-end stores, and you will likely find brands such as New Balance and Adidas doing so.

7. Belts

If you would like to be certain your trousers are fastened securely in 2018, you will be needing one of the most timeless accessories – a belt. When wearing a suit, it is important the shoes match or compliments the belt.

8. Hats

Even if you’re not much of a hat guy, 2018 could be the year to change your thoughts. The days of wearing baseball caps are still present, but now we are more daring and have a hat for every occasion – the tennis court, the races, the beach etc. Summer hat trends include akubra hats and bucket hats, and we will likely see them return at the end of 2018.


Men’s fashion tendencies have taken another turn this year. Whether it’s the surplus of vibrant Hawaiian prints or the number of ripped jeans, double straps and so forth. Fashion is constantly changing, and makes for a great timestamp in different moments of your life. Consider investing in professional website design and start to blog and share your fashion picks. You can even increase its visibility by implementing Adwords. Will these trends remain in 2019? We’ll have to wait and see!