The Most Fashionable Nail Artists Today

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Most women will agree that having a beautiful manicure and nice nails are a great way to increase your confidence. I’ve been going to the same blow wave bar for years and I get my fancy gel nails done there too. Last time I was at the beauty bar, I saw this woman that had the most amazing nail art. I loved it so I decided to look into nail art myself, and I’ve shared my the best nail artists I could find below. 

Nail artists take inspiration in just about anything – like all artists. With a desire to enhance your look, complement a wardrobe or to stand up for a certain mood, possibilities for nail art and design are limitless. Here are some of the best nail artists that you can follow on Instagram (Ig)


Madeline Poole, searchable on Instagram as @mpnails, specializes in editorial manicure which was featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, V Magazine, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and many more. She’s a veteran in the field and has a nail portfolio in which each hue plays a great role in representing her vision of certain nail design.  

Sally Hansen appointed Madeline of the Global Color Ambassador in January 2014. A New York-based agency, BRIDGE represents Madeline as she is a New Yorker. 




Hang Nguyen, a.k.a. Moon, specializes in minimalist, yet impactful designs. She is beyond extraordinary in making the ordinary nail polish amplified with mini drawings or minimalist design which follows the saying, “Less is more.” 

Hang is a celebrity nail artist whose designs are very much well-known as intricate, delicate, and unexpected.

The first and only nail artist agency to represent the industry’s top editorial and celebrity nail experts and hand models, Nailing Hollywood, represents Nguyen. Her work got featured in a blog If you’re interested to check out her design, follow her at @thehangedit. 


Contact no.: 323 527 4477 



Cassandre Marie has a fondness for something sweet and feminine. The fresh talent from Seattle specializes in tidy aesthetic designs. She also infuses geometric touch now and then in her work. These intricate choices to represent her gives it a timeless and elegant appeal. You will surely be refreshed just by looking at her feed on Ig. Follow her at @cassmariebeauty.

Her magic nail art was also featured on as she is also a content creator and a beauty photographer.



Celebrity manicurist Betina R. Goldstein enhances nail art with the use of pearls, chains, and manicure rings. She transforms short nails into something fun, elegant and spontaneous. Besides the fact that these embellishments make the whole process of manicuring quite challenging, she also does it on short nails which tends to get too crowded there. But now with Betina.

She had mastered these so well that she is adding this up to what she had put up for herself, the DoubleMoss Jewelry. Indulge in Betina’s works by following her via Ig under @betina_goldstein.



While we think about how to complement our wardrobe that we’ll be using at an event with our nails, Alicia Torello finds inspiration from Gucci bags and Prada’s signature looks. It’s easy to fall in love with Alicia Torello’s magnificent designs because of how simple, yet stunning her nail art is. Alicia is from New York, innovates nail design by color blocking and using metallic accents here strategically. Gone are the days that manis go single-shade. Umph it up with Alicia’s vision. Follow her Ig @aliciatnails to have a grasp of what she can do. 

Alicia Torello has a degree in Photography and is represented by The Wall Group. She owns a keen eye for detail which makes her one of the most sought after amongst nail artists. Her works have been featured in Vogue (Italy, US, and Paris), W Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.


These enlisted nail artists are hailed by celebrities for being experts in their crafts. You might think it’s just nails but as we do a lot with our hands, taking care of them say a lot about how we see ourselves. It adds up to our self-confidence and more importantly, expresses our creative side. Visit their Instagram and get inspired.