Natural Silk and its Use in Designer Fabrics

There are many legends around the world relating to the origin of silk creation. Silk is a completely natural fiber and still the most adored and much sought after material. Silk fabric is an instant talking point and much admired by women and men equally. Many of the new designer fabric creations use silk in their construction due to its versatility and beauty. If you wear silk you can expect to get complimented on your appearance. Silk has a unique flowing sheen that is very distinctive and hard to replicate. Its use in designer fabric is a popular choice for some designers; if a garment contains natural silk then it will certainly show. It is a popular option for celebrities in their design specifications, as they know it will add a certain quality and style to an outfit. A reputable fabric store will realize the importance of stocking silk fabric.

A designer fabric aims to utilize new and old textile technologies to produce unique materials and prints. The use of a particular fabric, like natural silk, is a very important consideration in the designing process. The fabric should not inhibit the overall creativity of the design but should add to its appeal. Silk ticks all the boxes with designers and clients. It is an expensive option but everyone agrees that there is no finer fabric. Textile and fashion designers love to work and create with silk fabric to design individual clothing, furniture coverings and many other accessories, like bags, as one example. Silk is often also used to line expensive designer gift boxes and display cases. It is the symbol of a precious gift to many.

These designer fabric creations have been exclusively shown as original works and their exclusivity makes them valuable commodities. A fabric store that stocks silk fabric among its cloths should have several different types, color, and patterns to choose from. This material is rather expensive, but worth it. It is produced by the unwinding and weaving of thread from select silkworm cocoons. This process, even with new technology, is time consuming and production can only be calculated by the life cycle of the silkworm. The fine silk fabric thread that is generated is unique, durable and an excellent base for any item. The recent swing towards eco friendly and natural products has made silk more preferable to synthetic materials. Man-made materials are cheaper to produce but they do not have the same feel as a natural fabric.

A high quality designer fabric is always in demand by top designers looking for just the right fabric to set off a particular design concept. A fabric store may have cloth that is manufactured based on a designer print. They are not able to truly replicate the designer fabric but an imitation print design will often sell well. This is most often true when a celebrity is seen wearing a designer style, the fabric design will often set a trend. High street fashion boutiques and children’s clothing manufacturers are big buyers of these fabrics. If they can recreate their styles in a designer print it will instantly update them and generate more sales.