Dropping Modern Style Trends for Comfort

woman staring out the window

Fashion is ever-changing, what was once cool can be “so last season” in the blink of an eye. We live in a society where clothing with holes in them is costly, considered high fashion in some locations and raggedy in others. At this point in time, rappers are attempting their best to look like rock stars thanks to the likes of A$AP Rocky, Ian Connor and Kanye West. Gone are the days of basketball jerseys and baggy denims. One new trend that is questionable is these brand-new denims with the tread marks around the knees. There are just too much different styles to try to stay up to date with. In the wake of these new and weird style trends, people are turning to their own style, comfort.

The Origins:

When we were younger, the fashion was definitely different and now frowned upon. We all had closets filled with basketball shorts, striped shirts, plaid shorts and one set of blue jeans. Looking back, it was a bad decision but fashion trends come and go and at the time wearing a Chicago Bull’s singlet with a pair of Kappa trackies was all the rage. If you were going to something fancy like a restaurant and winery it was a shirt with some awful pattern, blue jeans and sneakers, trendy. Double denim, matching colours, fishnets, studs and chokers were all considered cool in the nineties as well. Most of this has changed, but some styles are coming back like denim and chokers.

People say the way you dress says a lot about who you are as a person. If that’s true, then what does wearing jeans with tyre marks say about you? Comfort is the way to go, don’t we all want people to feel comfortable around us and not focus on what we are wearing and how much better other people look. The saying is true that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but have you been to the other side? Have you spent $400 on ripped, tyre marked jeans, how do you feel? Does it change you? Following trends like that doesn’t mean anything in the scheme of life so maybe following high fashion styles isn’t the answer. Being comfortable can be a full-time commitment and will leave you feeling pleased with yourself and able to enjoy life, instead of itching to get home to rip off those uncomfortable jeans or get those heels off.

Comfort is a way of life that focuses on convenience over style. Yeah, we can dress up from time to time, however doing that every day takes too much time and coordination. The idea is to still look good, but with comfortable clothes.

The most common misconception with the comfort style is that people believe it’s synonymous with being a scrub. Scrubs and comfort are polar opposites; think about it like the southernmost buoy in the Key West. As the name suggests, it is the southernmost point in the U.S. and is about 90 miles away from Cuba. You can hardly see it from there. It’s the closest area to Cuba and the farthest point in the continental U.S. That’s exactly what being comfortable is like, the farthest point from being considered stylish and the closest point to scrubbiness without straddling the borderline.

There are different designs and looks of comfort however they all share a sound judgment of not caring for fashion. If you don’t know whether you’re relaxing or not, here’s a list of things that are comfy for you to use as a recommendation:

– Sweaters.

– Loose fitting Joggers.

– Hoodies.

– Bottoms with strings instead of belt loops.

– Sweatpants.

– Sweet potato pie.

– Warm pecan pie.

– Soul food.

– Marvin Gaye.

– Sitting slump in chairs.

– Sipping a glass of Yarra Valley wine on the couch

– Cornbread.

– T-shirts with TV and Movie quotes on them.

– School apparel that you are comfortable resting in.

– Using athletic or basketball apparel without any intent to take part in exercise.

Remember that it’s a way of living that isn’t really specific to a particular style. Whether you’re dressing for specifically for comfort or not, do what’s best for you. Discover yourself with your appearance and be respectful of the differences of others. For some grown grownups, comfy can be  a Ash Ketchum hat, whatever it is, make sure you are doing you.